"Peacekeepers, though peacekeeping only goes so far."

-- Director Aaron Spyker

The United Nations (called the U.N. for short, or blue hats by some Cerberus staff, and sometimes the world council) are a peacekeeping organization dedicated to ensuring that the world is at low tensions and peace is brought to all nations.

Interactions to Cerberus

Ever since Cerberus' arrival, the United Nations has openly condemned their actions and existence ever since then. They've even had peacekeepers and NATO forces be ordered to fire at will upon meeting CerCon personnel, of which openly supporting countries attempting to dismantle Cerberus or showing interest.

Every attempt thus far has only led to UN/NATO casualties, leading them to be more cautious with every move towards Cerberus. However, them and the United States have agreed on funding HADES to put Cerberus in line.

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