"The one who wears this suit will be seen as both devil and angel among men, and a near unstoppable force in the battlefield. And you better hope the user isn't the one charging at you instead of them."

-- Adamantite

The Cerberus Contracting "Saint" Multi Purpose Combat Suit (mainly reffered to as The Saint for short) is an extremely sophisticated combat uniform constructed and founded by Commander Adamantite as his personal use uniform for combat operations, and exists due to the Leonidas Project.

The Krieg that uses this warmachine must have extraordinary endurance.

The Armor

The actual armor of the suit is composed of a super-rare metal named Anjelium, along with reinforced carbon fiber, lightweight black iron and reinforced steel. Under the armor the user will be wearing a sophisticated carbon fiber nano-suit or zero-suit (depending on the gender), which is made up of modified carbon fiber and some lightweight steel

bulletproof padding.

With the combinations of the Saint suit and the nano/zero-suit, the user will be well protected from numerous types of rounds, and even including shrapnel and some explosives.

The Armaments

  • x1 Medium Satchel on back of waist
    • One Explosives Satchel, containing two 10 pound C3 (Composition C) satchel charges, one 5 pound semtex charge.
  • x2 Small Satchel on back of waist
    • One Medicinal Satchel, containing 3 shots of digoxin, 3 shots of adrenaline, 1 shot of morphine, 2 rolls of combat wrap, 1 package of butterfly thread (small stitches) w/ needle.
    • One Technical Satchel, containing one keypad cracker and a decryption device.
  • x1 Ammo Satchel on side of waist
    • Satchel containing 5 reserve clips for AK102, 3 clips for USP .45, 12 extra shells for Franchi Spas-12.
  • x1 Stun Arm (left)
    • Able to incapacitate target for up to 3 minutes, locking up joints and causing muscle spasms until the time has elapsed.
  • x1 Blade Arm (right)
    • Retractable 7" long blade that comes from the wrist gauntlet for CQC and for stealth operations, able to be fired at a 30 yard distance.
  • x1 Grappling Hook (right wrist)
    • Able to be fired at a 35 yard distance and is capable of supporting the user for 2 minutes. Can alternately be used to grab small objects from a distance.
  • x1 Burst Gauntlet (left wrist)
    • A short burst EMP that projects in a forward motion, can be used to blackout electronics at a short distance. Once used, it must recharge energy before used again.
  • x1 Emergency EMP
    • Only accessable when the A.I. deems the user unsafe. Once deployed, it will knock out any and all electronics in a 5 mile radius

The Features

Medical Features

There are a handful of operations that the Saint suit can perform, when certain circumstances are met-- a vocal alert will be emitted through the helmet and a visual alert will be displayed on the Heads Up Display of the operators mask. This will notify the operator to keep them in check of their current situation and health during combat operations; along with miscellaneous activities.

Medical Alerts

When any malicious treatment is delivered to the Saint or the operator themselves, the suit and the AI assisting the operator will take action.

  • Internal Bleeding - "Warning, internal bleeding has been detected-- seek medical attention."
  • Extreme Temperatures - "Warning, harmful temperatures detected-- modifying suit temperature."
  • Electrical Damage - "Warning, electrical damage detected-- avoid source immediately."
  • Blood Loss - "Warning, blood loss detected-- seek medical aid."
  • Fractures - "Warning, bone fracture detected-- morphine administered."
  • Corrosive Hazards - "Warning, blood toxin levels rising-- anti-toxin administered."
  • Unknown Biohazard - "Warning, biohazard detected-- avoid source immediately"
  • Radiation - "Warning, high radiation levels detected-- avoid source immediately."
  • Lacerations - "Warning, lacerations detected-- morphine administered."

Along with this, the operator will additionally be notified of his current health levels-- a vocal alert will be played whenever the required circumstances are met for the user.

  • Whenever minorly injured, the A.I. will suggest trying to avoid combat for the time being.
  • Whenever moderately injured, the A.I. will suggest seeking medical aid as soon as possible.
  • Whenever highly injured, the A.I. will administer a controlled dose of morphine and highly recommend seeking medical attention.
  • Whenever critically injured, the A.I. alerts the nearest Vault of the operator and active Cerberus personnel of the users status and warns them that their health is critical (and possibly administers another morphine shot depending if enough time has elapsed from the previous shot)
  • Whenever near death, the A.I. sends out another message to Cerberus personnel and the nearest Vault, verbally notifies the user that their death is imminent-- afterwards immediately activating an emergency EMP (and possibly administers another morphine shot depending if enough time has elapsed from the previous shot)

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