"Kekistan stands ready."

-- Common Kekistani saying

The Republic of Kekistan is a country that is present within the Africa's, the country exists nearby Egypt and Sudan under former British territory. Being the newest country formed to date.

It is being led by the current leader, Prince-Bishop Virgil Fortesque, under a religious Right-wing Fascism rule.


The military of Kekistan, though as young as the country, is renown for its unique tactics and fast responses in combat and war. Their military ranks are that similar of a order of knights.

Military Arsenal

The standard arsenal of each soldier consists of;

  • Heavy Battle Dress + Ballistic Mask
  • Tactical Assault Shield
  • 16" Blade for CQC
  • Standard Issue HK USP .45 Tactical
  • Standard Issue HK 416 Alpha

Military Tactics

The tactics of Kekistani forces is based around lightning execution and overwhelming the enemy (especially with lower numbers than the enemy). Their strategies can be compared to Spartan tactics and Roman legionnaire strategies, using only a handful of people to take down hundreds or thousands of hostile units.

Military Ranks

As mentioned, the military structure is that of a knightly order. The ranks as are below;

  • Commander of the Lands; These are the generals of the military, each country with a major Kekistani presence (eg; United States, Canada etc.) has a Commander of the Order for the Knights of Kekistan in that region. (Within Kekistan itself, these are called Masters)
  • Knight Officer; Knight Officers serve as Senior Knights within the military of Kekistan. They are the soldiers who lead men on the battlefield and ensure things are in orderly fashion in home-country or on foreign lands.
    • Knight Grand Officer;
    • Knight Commander;
    • Knight Captain;
    • Knight Lieutenant;
  • Knight Sergeant / Adjutante; The Sergeant (male) and Adjutante (female) NCO's of the Kekistani military, they serve under the Knight Officers. There are four promotions available for this rank. They are addressed as Knight Sergeant/Adjutante I, II, III, IV and V depending on their present rank. (Even though they are NCO's, they are addressed by Sir or Ma'am)
    • Sergeant/Adjutante Major (v); They answer to the Knight Commander and oversee the sergeants corps.
    • First Sergeant/Adjutante (iv); They respond directly to the Knight Captain, and to no one else. They act as their second-in-command.
    • Sergeant/Adjutante First Class (iii); They are the ones sergeant status and have served honorably as a NCO.
    • Staff Sergeant/Adjutante (ii); These are one rank above sergeant, nothing special.
  • Knight Corporal & Lance Corporal; These are the two starting NCO ranks, below the sergeants/adjutante's. They are adressed as Knight Corporal I or II depending on their present rank.
  • Knight PFC/PSC/PTC; These are basic infantry ranks Private (First/Second/Third) Class. They are formally addressed as Knight Private I, II or III depending on their present rank. (Simply, they are addressed as Private to keep things simple)