"Salutations, I am Melissa."

-- Melissa's signature greeting

SS_UNIT_MELISSA (Meaning Protective Echelon Unit Melissa) addressed as Melissa for short, is an artificial intelligence unit created by Adamantite as his brainchild that assists the R&D Division. Melissa, according to Adamantite-- is 100% genuine in form due to her sophistication in creation.


Melissa generally communicates with others at base via tiny holographic image of an avatar, of which she can walk around on tables and emote with her hands as such.

Her holographic appearance shows her as a short young female with brown hair in a ponytail, donning a black waffen-shutzestaffel uniform with a Nazi party armband. She has a hairpin that is shaped like the Cerberus logo, her voice when communicating sounds like the voice of a young girl.