"My job isn't to get information out of you, it's to see how long it will take for you to give it to me willingly . . . or let you live in constant purgatory."

-- Snake talking to an unknown prisoner

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-19-16-32-10

First Generation Mercenary, Old School Commando, Asmodai


Iroquois Pliskin, The Interrogator



Biographical Characteristics

MaleIcon Male

Years of Age

Mid 40's

Date of Birth

Early 80's



Physical Characteristics

152cm [5'10”]


90kg [198lbs]

Hair Color


Eye Color

Gray Blue

Blood Type


Professional Characteristics


Former Affiliation(s)

Diamond Dogs, Outer Heaven, Zanzibarland, Fox Hound, Combat Applications Group 2, CRTG-07

Marital Information




Personal Information
Mental Alignment

Chaotic Neutral




Alive, Active

Iroquois Pliskin is a mercenary and a member of the Cerberus Contracting Co. as their Interrogation Specialist and a member of the Director's Unit . His previous past has been riddled with constant conflicts and earned him the nickname "Snake" from his former military peers.

Physical Description

Pliskin is a man of average build but is deceptively well-built, over 5 feet, and is very nimble due to the constant training he received during his youth. He was trained to be a soldier from a very young age and taught the art of CQC from a Legendary Soldier who founded Diamond Dogs.

He is also very callous and has a very high pain tolerance, but refrains from bringing himself to dangerous situations where he can easily be shot. He has a very distinct scar running in between his eyebrows down to his right cheek from a knife fight with his mentor.


Snake's attire constantly changes throughout his career as a former Mercenary and Special Forces Operator. His taste in attire come from his upbringing as a soldier/mercenary, and his social time in the United States; conservative, doesn't stand out but enough for him to make a statement.

His Combat uniform has been layered with a Composite of Ceramic Matrices and Silicon Carbide Discs interwoven in his Apparel, rendering him completely Bullet-Proof. Although this does not protect him from a Bullet's impact and will still feel pain from the ordeal.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-19-16-32-6

Snake in his Standard Attire

He is usually seen wearing a light-gray Fleece PCU with a Black Molle Harness and Sapper Packs. BDU Pants with Protective Knee-pads and Olive Green Nomex Flight gloves. He also sports a one-hole Balaclava face mask with a Comtac Headset and Oakley's Shades.

His equipment adorned in his harness include a few Magazine pouches, a small ripcord utility knife, and a compact radio transmitter. He is usually equipped with 2 primaries and a secondary weapon, most notably the R5 RGP Assault Rifle for direct action and an MSR Sniper Rifle for long distance engagements. He Commonly wields a Cold M1911 Sidearm for most engagements, complimenting his skill in close quarter takedowns.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-19-13-36-59

Snake in his Clandestine attire

During missions that require deep infiltration, he wears a Plaid collar shirt with the sleeves rolled up and Khaki Cargo Pants. He also wears a Black scarf that he can use to cover his mouth to avoid facial recognition. When required to take immediate action, he has his Colt 1911 armed on his back holster.

When premeditated gunfights are expected, he has his standard Molle Harness he can easily wear from his Backpack. While not the most effective in protection, it reduces overall visibility from enemy fire and also provides the best mobility as he is extremely agile and makes him a deadly asset for hit and run operations.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-22-16-53-18

Snake in his Tropical attire

When going on Temperate/Tropical environments, He is seen using a brown jacket, a Rhodesian Recon Vest and a M81 BDU Pants. In his Backpack he carries a wide assortment of survival gear should the situation calls for it.

He also has a sniper's veil for marshland environments or for maritime, seafaring operations to prevent breaking the water's surface. He is also seen adorning an olive green cap, Comtac Headset and Oakley Shades, as well as a dark brown bandana for anonimity.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-22-16-32-51

Snake in his Arctic Attire

For Arctic Climates, he uses a PCU Temperate Wool/Fleece Parka-Jacket using a one-piece thermal suit underneath and White BDU Pants. He is seen wearing a High-Impact Tactical Vest equipped with Ammunition for Sniper Rifles, as most of his operations in Arctic Climates are mostly long-distance encounters.

Snake is adamant of operating in this type of climate due to the mandatory dependency of other members in the event of a catastrophic disaster that results in faulty gear and radio signals due to the high altitude, low pressure environment.

Covert Operations

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-22-17-29-41

Snake in his Covert Operations Uniform

Not much is known of Snake's equipment during covert operations and night-time operations. The only known sighting of his equipment during this type of covert ops is a Black fleece jacket, a Navy Blue Tactical vest, and two-holed Balaclavas using shades to cover his eyes.

The only known record of him using this uniform is during operation [Redacted], when he was instrumental in the raid of [Redacted] on [Redacted], Libya.  He rarely uses this and only use it when the sitation requires a solo deep infiltration mission in which failure is not a viable option.

Survival Fatigues

Snake Full Body

Snake in his Survival Fatigues

In Temperate and warm climates, snake wears a Rolled BDU Shirt and pants, accompanied by a Black Tactical Harness with open fingered gloves. He is seen using this attire on missions that require little obstruction from clothing due to the high temperature of the environment.

He still wears a Balaclava, albeit without wearing any eyewear and his Comtac Headset is adapted to the environment. He may also forego the headset if he so chooses and uses an Earpiece with a Throat Mic attached. On occassion, he will remove his Balaclava only when no danger is posed on him.

Survival Fatigue (Covert Variant)

Survival Covert

Snake in his Covert Survival Fatigues.

Snake also has a Covert Variant of his Survival Fatigues. The only difference about this is that he has a very minimalistic harness with the bare essentials for equipment, a belt and back belt holster for his sidearms, 2 knives; one attached to his harness and the other strapped to his right leg. He also forego his Regular balaclava with a two-holed variant that houses a throat mic and earpiece connected to a radio transmitter attached to his harness. He uses a layer of his Armor Composite as an Under-Armor Layer beneath his fatigues for maximum protection against projectiles, It also reduces his heat signature and limits his movement noise.

Its usage is similar to his Covert Operations Attire, but well suited for temperate to high-heat locations. He has one with a Tiger Stripe Motif and one with plain Olive Drab camouflage.


"Break a leg! Hehe, oh. 'Break a leg', hehe... ah, delightful. I do cut myself up."

-- Pliskin Taunting a Dying foe

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-19-13-45-30

You might want to be a little more cooperative. Otherwise . . .

Pliskin is known to be a 'no-nonsense', improvising rogue and is always silent during operations and rarely speaks unless the circumstance requires conversations. He is also displayed to be very dark and brooding during his interrogations and sometimes kind and soft-spoken at times, displaying his ability to adapt to different interrogation techniques. He is never demanding and always a generous man, in a sense. After an Interrogation he turns into a very casual, and easy-going guy, regardless of the circumstance of the victim (dead or alive)


Pliskin is versed in using different kinds of weapons over 3 Generations of experience as a mercenary. But there are only a few that he uses specifically for his type of engagements. Sidearms are his favored weapons across all ranges, and he occassionally twirls them as if he was a gunslinger.

Primary Weapons

R5 RGP Assault Rifle

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-21-21-9-38

Pliskin generally favors this rifle for Close to Medium range engagements using a combination of Holographic Sight, and a Magnifier Flip Scope for an all-around, general-purpose weapon. He can also attach an M203 Grenade launcher if the situation requires it.


Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-21-21-9-51

For extremely long range encounters, Snake occasionally uses the MSR for its capability of high bullet velocity and the usage of a .357 Lapua AP round. With this weapon he can take out targets, usually with a suppressor attached. His skill with the rifle enables him to compensate for distance and wind speed for bullet drop, without a spotter to provide the needed information.

Secondary Weapons

Colt M1911A2

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-23-15-39-36
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-19-13-13-33

Snake with his M1911, at the ready

His favorite weapon, the Colt 1911 is his go-to weapon for Close to medium range engagements to take out targets up close and personal. His style of shooting is very aggressive with the 1911 equipped; very sharp and close shots to the target's body and ends with a headshot. This gun also enables him to make CQC take-downs with ease, employing judo throws and grapples to throw targets off guard.

Although it's entire weapon's frame and slide are entirely true to it's original design, it has minor changes for adaptive combat applications; It's barrel has been replaced with a threaded muzzle for suppressors and compensators and the Receiver frame has been Ridged to accomodate a rail system for an underbarrel accessory.

Remington M1911 R1 and the MK23 "Hush Puppies"

Hush Puppy

Snake with his MK23 Hush Puppy at hand.

These are the Non-lethal version of two of his favored weapons. The Highly Modified M1911 Custom has the Exact Modifications as his M1911A2, but with a Slight Addition of a Laser/Flashlight Underbarrel attachment and a 3-Dot Sight System for faster Target Acquisition. 

The MK23 is an already excellent weapon for close quarter battles with its brief usage by the US Navy Seals in the 90s and early 2000s, in which Snake was a part of early on his career.

The Main difference of their original counterparts are their chambering and cocking mechanics; The usage of the recoil to rechamber each bullet has been removed altogether and was replaced by a Slide-Lock mechanism that requires the user to eject the cartridge manually, Minimizing it's sound signature.

Auxiliary Weapons

MX-8054 Combat Knife 'The Huntsman'

20170623151658 1

Snake's Keepsake Blade, "The Huntsman"

This melee weapon is primarily used by Snake for discreet executions during combat and occasionally to use against prisoners during interrogations. He uses this as a complimentary gear with his M1911 to maximize his lethality during close quarter engagements and CQC.

He has kept this knife as a keepsake from his encounters in Iraq, when he was stranded in the field with his comrade, codenamed 'Liquid Snake'. Using Rubberized Grips for handling, The blade was forged from Tempered Damascus Steel and is coated in a low-profile, matte black paint instead of being engorged in ferric chloride for bringing out the steel's distinct ripple pattern to improve on its low profile.

Martial Prowess

CQC Snake

Snake taking down a hostile after grappling him with CQC

"Nice try. But when it comes to CQC, I've got the upper hand."

-- Snake

Being taught at an early age of the Basics of CQC and learned it throughout his life, Snake has mastered the Martial Art from one of it's Founders. Some people often mistake it with "Some kind of judo", as most of the CQC other Operatives employ, his was more feral and natural due to his martial upbringings. During his time at his Mentor's Special Forces Unit, he normally spars with one of his team mates, who was known to be one of the best CQC practitioners.

CQC was a system of combined combat techniques which allowed rapid alternation between armed hand-to-hand combat while engaging enemy personel. It wes developed in the 1950s by 2 Special Forces Units in America. Snake's prowess with CQC enables him to field-strip a firearm with ease causing the opponent unable to use his weapon and forced to use Hand-to-Hand combat.

In addition to this, he also accentuates his useage of close-range weaponry; such as Sidearms and knives in unison, which is a typical application in conjuction with CQC. He also employs some rifles in his CQC to maximize his effective range, depending on the length of the Rifle in question.

Fields of Expertise

His years of experience in multiple war across the world has given snake a very wide perspective of war and how it is waged. From his Training down to his own intuition, Pliskin has displayed multiple capabilities due to his upbringing as a child soldier.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands2017-6-19-13-3-17

Pliskin infiltrating a large Military Compound in Arizona, USA

Following the collapse of his mentor's organization, he has drifted from multiple unknown PF's until he decided to join FOXHOUND, a US Special Forces Unit once led by his mentor. There, he quickly gained notoriety as "the Snake that hides in plain sight" due to his past affinity with the Group's founder.

His skills quickly came into the ears of USSOC and proceeded to recruit him into the CAG, being very skillful in solo infiltration missions. His fields of expertise are the following (but not limited to):

  • Interrogation
  • Infiltration
  • Assassination
  • Direct Assault
  • Close Quarters Combat
  • Sabotage
  • Vehicle commandeering
  • Espionage


Cerberus Archival Recording; 345 days ago:

~Transmission Starts~ Whistling is heard*

Door Opens*

Footsteps are heard*


'Good day, Mr. Morrison. How are you feeling today?'


'Mr. Morrison for the tenth time, your resistance is futile. Tell me the information I need regarding Project Witchcraft and you will be free'

'I would rather die than give you the information!'

'Your tone and statement tells me you have vital information regarding the project, Mr. Morrison. The United States will grieve immensely of your death, more so than the loss of their assets as they always have been doing for the last 3 decades. Think of your family, your wife most of all.'

'I . . . I can't'

'Yes you can'

'no . . .' 'What was that?'


'Very well . . .'

a Sound of a knife being brandished is heard*

'I really didn't want to do this, you know.'

'As I said, I would rather die than give you what you want, and I'm ready to die.'

'Die? oh Mr. Morrison. You will experience hell before you even go there, your only salvation is to confess.'

'What are you-- nggghh, my arm . . .'

'I've induced a custom-made anesthetic that renders you immobile, but allows your nervous system to normally function. you cannot eat, you cannot sleep, only fear. Now I will inject you with a compound that will allow your muscles to relax and contract at an unnatural speed and nature, what comes next . . . well . . . welcome to hell'

sounds of grinding can be heard*

inaudible screaming can be heard*



'What was that? I can't hear you over the headphones I'm wearing!'

'I'll tell you what you want! just give me the antidote!'

'what do I want?'

'Information about WITCHCRAFT!'

'what's the key-code of Document 35D-5S of Witchcraft?'


'excellent, that's frankly what I needed to hear from you.'

a case is opened with tiny ticks from a glass cylinder is heard*

'aahhh . . . what about my body? are you going to let me go now?'

'let you go? you've seen the interior of this place. Plus your other mates in the other rooms already gave me half of the info I need, you completed the set'


'come now, at least you'll enjoy what's going to happen'

a switch is flicked*

a metal claw from the side takes the prisoner and hovers him on the ground*

'What are you doing to me?!?!'

'Because I can't make a fucking mess like my associate Adam, I'm just gonna clean up the place.'


the floor below Morrison opens to a vat of acid*

'what you're seeing is your impending doom, but don't worry you'll live long enough for the song to end'

a glass box slowly dawns on Morrison drowning out his helpless screams*

door opens*

'Snake what the hell are you doing?'

'You're wasting your time, Deleroko, I'm done with this guy. However you would not be wasting your time . . . '

a switch is flipped*

'. . . if you were dancing with him'


disco music starts*

'go ahead, man. Dance with him, Dance with him!'

'No? you don't like dancing? He does.'

Morrison struggles to break free while the claw slowly dips him into the vat of Sulfo-Hydrochloric Acid while the music of disco and funk echoes through the glass box*

'Cmon buddy, after a long day of interrogating 5 prisoners you gotta unwind.'

'What the hell man . . .'


'You tore up the last man's lower torso!'

'I'm gonna tear up the fuckin' dance floor dude, check it out'

Morrison is convulsing strongly to the reaction to the acid melting his lower limbs while the music continues to play and Pliskin casually dances to the beat of the music*

'Cmon' Del!'

As the song finishes, Morrison stops moving after his upper abdomen is engorged in a color-changed liquid of his remains, he slowly goes deeper into the acid vat. . .*

~Transmission Ends~


"Snake isn't a stranger in taking lives. He was worse, he got clever . . . Manipulated people into taking their own. People say Adamantite is extremely dangerous and gained notoriety because of it. Pliskin? He has none because no one have lived to tell the tale or know of his exploits; A Shadow that kills through fear."

-- An Unknown Cerberus Agent

Snake constantly prevents getting notorious by having most of his exploits being credited to his fellow team mates during operations. When he is operating on his own during infiltration missions, he is very meticulous at covering his tracks, a trait he has gained during his time with FOXHOUND.

For Interrogations, he constantly 'cleans' his work by leave no trace of the victim ever having contact with snake in the first place. He occassionally makes use of the R&D's Acid Vats to liquidate prisoners that he has no use of or leave them to the decision of his superiors what is to be done to the prisoners. With the gruesome and high-profile actions of his colleagues, he is able to do feats that cannot be traced to him, rather his team mates gets all the credit and notice. 


Pliskin was born to a War Correspondent in 1980, and was brought to the fields of Afghanistan at the age of 4 with his father. During his stay, he was awoken by the sound of gunfire and smoke. He found his father dead by the tent's opening and was grabbed by a Soviet soldier, ready to kill him. Before he manage to kill Pliskin, a mysterious man kill the assailant and took the orphaned boy back to his home. At this point, the one-eyed man taught Pliskin how to fight and to survive in the wild. He treated him as his own son. By the time he was in his teens, Diamond Dogs was rebranded into outer heaven, with its XO leaving to train soldiers in America. His mentor followed suit and formed FOX HOUND, allowing his Student to follow him and be his first recruit.


Snake, interrogating a Prisoner.

At this time, his mentor gave him the title Snake for his continued loyalty and skill in combat. He stayed in FOXHOUND to train recruits into the unit while his mentor left to create his nation of soldiers, he created zanibarland and prompted to allow a doppelganger to instigate an insurrection of Outer Heaven by using Nuclear Weapons as a Threat and a deterrent to other Nations for him to continue to develop his country discreetly. After Both Insurrections failed and both men fell, Snake was distraught of the aftermath. Not one to express his feelings, he was recruited into Delta Force by his colleague and his Mentor's friend, Master Miller. Following the Shadow Moses incident with the death of his mentor's colleague, he was again transferred into the Combat Technology Reconnaissance Group or CTRG due to his prowess of infiltration and espionage and was assigned to Group 7, overseeing activity in East Asia.

After the fall of the CSAT regime, CTRG was dismatled and Pliskin was given a chance to retire early. He took the chance, but instead of relaxing and settling down, he felt that his fight is not done, so he went on to Fight with Private Forces Across the globe.


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