"HADES is the only response the world can offer against a force like Cerberus. It's high time we cease pretending they don't exist by ignoring their actions. It's time we put a leash on that dog."

- Damien Krane to the United Nations

HADES is a military organization created and funded by the United Nations for the sole purpose of defeating Cerberus Contracting, which they view as a rogue organization, and therefore a threat to their power as well as world security.


With the threat of Cerberus Contracting becoming more and more apparent to the United Nations, they began to realize it was only a matter of time before the private military company became too powerful to deal with on their own. With this in mind, the leaders of the world council came together in secret to discuss the possibility of an anti-Cerberus organization, which would be specifically created to destroy such.

After electing Damien Krane and Zachary Croft as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the organization respectively, they gave them unlimited funding as well as a base of operations in which they could work from. Almost immediately, Krane and Croft began to expand their power, technology, and influence across the world, becoming an organization almost powerful enough to combat the likes of Cerberus Contracting.


HADES is not as technologically advanced as Cerberus, however their gear and weaponry comes close behind. Zachary Croft, the second-in-command, spent most of his time after the creation of the faction to design gear almost similar to the Cerberus Operators'. He believes that the best way to start Cerberus' defeat is to challenge them to an arms race.

Upon Rook Bowman's death, it is known that HADES has raided one of his secret warehouses and managed to steal supplies and items such as the leftover CITPR pieces. It's unknown if they have managed to get the pieces to work, however they should be considered dangerous regardless.

World Support

Unlike Cerberus, HADES has funding from a few of the UN countries, including the United States. The UN believes that HADES is the answer the world needed to show that any military force cannot act as they see fit and hope that HADES will finally show the world exactly that by finally putting Cerberus in its place.

Divisions & Units

Divisions in HADES

  • Headhunter Division
  • Taskmaster Division
  • Remedial Division
  • Vanguard Division

Special Units in HADES

  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Red Letter Day
  • Men In Black
  • See No Evil
  • Professional Cleaning
  • Justicar Down
  • King Arthur
  • Second Stage

Known Members


Created as an almost the polar opposite of Cerberus Contracting, the name of the organization was chosen to reflect the mythological controller of the three-headed dog Cerberus, Hades. Holding symbolic power over the private military company, HADES hopes to make this a reality by 'chaining' Cerberus to the ground, or destroying them.