noun. a professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army, one who is primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of ethics.

Welcome to the Cerberus Contracting Wikia-- here you will be able to find informative use of the D&D session of CerCon that we do. In the lore, we begin our journey at 2016 where three men create the idea of a Private Military Company. They eventually became so successful that they are now the most powerful mercenary organization in the entire world. Being ran by over 5,000 staff members, Cerberus will have to overcome the difficulties of HADES, an organization out to collapse Cerberus.

Though they aren't invincible, they have enemies at every corner-- the United Nations, NATO, ISAF, US Military and more will try to dismantle Cerberus because they see them as criminals. But they themselves, however, don't brand themselves as criminals.

Everybody needs a payday, right?

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