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"Hell's chains are broken"


Gideon K'ranas
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Aaron Spyker
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Motherbase Styx, The Atlantic Ocean



"Hell's chains are broken..."

-- Cerberus Slogan

Cerberus Contracting Co. (otherwised addressed as CerCon or simply Cerberus) is a private military company and the largest mercenary organization in the world as of the date 2025. The company was founded by Gideon K'ranas, Aaron Spyker and Rook Bowman in 2016 and thereafter their reign came to be.

History of Cerberus

Cerberus Contracting was founded by Rook Bowman, Aaron Spyker and Gideon K'ranas in the year of 2016. Originally starting off has the topic of late night discussions, it wasn't until Gideon had revealed that he owned a small military force that stationed on a floating base in the Atlantic Ocean. Offering funding and positions as founders of the newly formed militia, Gideon only asked for Rook and Aaron's training regime in return.

Flying out to the base, Rook and Aaron immediately began to train the soldiers on all matters of warfare. Counter-terrorism, interrogation, torture, psy-ops, technical training - among others

Death of Director K'ranas

After the training had been completed, Gideon went MIA for almost two weeks. During the investigation of his personal belongings, it was revealed in his journal that he had planned to take his own life and leave the militia to Rook and Aaron, along with the resources needed to continue its success.

In honor of Gideon, Rook and Aaron decided to rename to PMC to "Cerberus Contracting", the three-headed dog of Greek Mythology origin being a moniker that represented all three founders.

Death of Director Bowman

Not long after their contract in Libya, Rook Bowman vanished which caused the Libya vault to be destroyed as per contingency orders. After months of silence from the former Director, a message had been sent to the current vault showing an isolated area in Germany. It was there that Rook had revealed his true alias, Anton Hock, and the existence of his only son, Roland. Rook requested that Aaron found his son to replace him before taking his own life and causing the Hellfire Contingency to orbital bomb his last location.

Media Attention of Cerberus

Ever since the renaming of the PMC (to Cerberus Contracting), CerCon has received vast number of complaints, threats and even praise from numerous corporations, associates and more-- the main caller being the United Nations. Whom of which commonly frown upon and threaten to dismantle Cerberus and its operators for its constant lack of following the Geneva Convention and nearly non-existent ROE. Though the main response that Cerberus has ever given the UN is a giant "fuck off", which leads to many unsuccessful attempts at harming CerCon and it's operatives; which is merely met with UN and NATO related deaths.

Though, even though this happens-- many PMC's and countries openly support Cerberus to a great extent; even going as far as commonly requesting them to do work for their country in forms of contracts.

Ranking Structure/Hierarchy

Cerberus uses their own rank structure put in use by Rook Bowman and has been in use since Cerberus' birth. Listed below are all the ranks within the Cerberus Hierarchy. The rank structure was created so that operators could follow a proper chain of command instead of attempting to make contact with the Director or Deputy Director if concerns were raised. Each Agent is assigned to a Cell which is lead by a Commander, who runs these cells with the help of Veterans acting as NCO's.

Each operator is giving a CCID or Cerberus Clearance ID which shows the level of clearance they are permitted. The highest clearance an operator can obtain is Commander clearance, the second highest being Special Operations.

Lower Echelon

Agent (CCI4)

Agents are the lowest level of operators and make up the main force of Cerberus. Agents are recruited all over the world. They are the "fresh meat" of Cerberus and have been nicknamed by Veterans as "dog food", making the joke that if they don't have what it takes, Cerberus will eat them up.

Patriot (CCI3)

Patriots are operators that have served with Cerberus for some time, they are proficient in their battle tasks and drills and are recognized throughout the Company as those that have served with Cerberus faithfully.

Though holding no real authority, Patriots have a higher level of clearance than Agents and may make requests for supplies within the Network.

Middle Echelon

Veteran (CCI2)

Veterans are considered the NCO's of Cerberus, they are the battle-hardened warriors that most people associate with when Cerberus is mentioned in the media. Veterans have earned their respect through many contracts and are trusted by the Overseers in Vaults and on Motherbase Styx to carry out tasks and delegate duties.

Because of this trust, Veterans have a higher level of clearance than both Patriots and Agents and are able to access certain materials if declassified by Commanders.

Upper Echelon

Cell Leader (CCIL)

Cell Leaders are given the rank of Commander, as well as Commander clearance within the Network. With this level of clearance, they are able to send e-mails and notices to those directly under their command within their cell. Cell leaders are given authority over their respective cell, however they are still to be respected by others outside of their cell due to the Commander rank.

They have the authority to punish any operator inside their cell, and may punish operators outside of their cell that cause trouble for those under their command.

Cell Commander (CCIC)

Cell Commanders are the highest one can obtain before CCI1 status (Director's). They are the overseers for Divisions and are always apart of the Director's Unit. They have the authority to demote and promote people to Cell Leader, as well as choose an "heir" to the Cell Commander status.

Deputy Director (CCI1)

The Deputy Director is the second in command of Cerberus. There is only one active Deputy Director at a time. Their duties are to assist the Director in the keeping Cerberus functioning. To obtain this position is considered an honor.

Director (CCI1)

The Director is the top rung in the ladder. They are the face of Cerberus in the media and the individual responsible for Cerberus' success. At one point, there were three Directors, known as the Three Heads of Cerberus, but after Gideon K'ranas' death, the remaining founders reduced it to a simplified structure.

Faction Relations


  • New Afghanistan
  • Greece
  • Zanzibar
  • Ireland
  • October 7th Rebellion


  • Russian Federation
  • Italy
  • Most Mercenary Companies