"Whenever our commander needs us, we are there."

-- R&D Operator

The Cell Leader Detachments (simply referred to as detachments) are personal squads of each cell leader within Cerberus Contracting. They each consist of a set number of operators that carry out orders for their commander whenever they cannot themselves.

Some operators even partake in missions for cell leaders in the DU whenever they cannot come themselves, and even carry out personal missions per orders of their commander. Even though they could be a detachment that serves a R&D cell leader, the detachments would also include operators from different divisions (which upon joining, would enter their division). They are all veteran status, as per the unofficial requirement.


Research and Development

  • Nine Pointed Star (Commander Adamantite)
    • Klesk (Lieutenant)
    • Gambit
    • Vestige
    • Voodoo
    • Prophet
    • Mania
    • Trace
    • Reverse
    • Alakazam
  • Neuntote (Commander Jolly Roger)
    • Wall (Lieutenant)
    • Fawkes
    • November
    • Flame
    • Shamble
    • Law
    • Absence
    • Uriel
    • Judge
  • Nine-Tailed Fox (Commander Agenda)
  • Army of Nine (Commander Maya)