"Something like this shouldn't exist-- though it does, not that I'm complaining."

-- Adam discussing the super rare metal

Anjelium is a ore metal that was harvested from Libya by the Cerberus Directors Unit, more specifically by Adam and his R&D Detachment. Named after the word "Angel", it holds unusual qualities that can be considered violating scientific law to some degree. For reasons unknown, it is extremely durable and is highly heat resistant-- even shining and producing feint light when in the dark.

It is studied on heavily by members of R&D to further understand its full potential, and has interesting reactions to certain elements and properties. Particularly kinetic energy, electricity and heat.


Reaction to Heat

It has little reaction to heat, in fact its an extremely painstakingly process to heat up Anjelium, to the point where cold plasma must be involved to bend and shape the metal into form. It's heat resistance is remarkably high that bathing it in lava cannot affect it for long periods of time.

And as expected, not much can be done with the cold either, in a superchilled bucket of liquid nitrogen it doesn't seem to make it freeze or change temperature at all.

Reaction to Kinetic Energy

It takes very little damage to objects with lots of kinetic force, from sniper rounds to magnum rounds nothing seems to really damage it. Infact it almosts warps its course once it gets near the Anjelium, though this affect is sometimes lost when superheating it with cold plasma and forming it for armor plating.

Reaction to Electricity/Electromagnetic waves

Anjelium is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic waves and signals, so much so that it disrupts sensor arrays and other sorts. Most types of electromagnetic waves are disrupted and warped, with exception of weak waves like Radio waves.