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Halcyonic Angel
• 10/7/2016

Stuff that i'd like to see added if not already in the process of being completed.

Yo, Rose here to simply make a suggestion for the wiki.

- A page about the ranking structure of CerCon as well as their access permits, etc, would be quite nice to see. 

- Divisions, e.g, R&D, Special Operations and what they do.

I know that theres probably a shit load of other stuff to get done, so take yer time <3

Thanks for reading you lovely people, and apologies for wasting your time if: 1. i'm blind, 2. they are WIP.

- Sir Rose.

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Halcyonic Angel
• 10/7/2016

In the Cerberus Contracting page, that is already planned.

-- Moon

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